The "Morgarten – A 700-Year Historical Adventure" organisation

The cantons of Schwyz and Zug are the patrons of the "Morgarten – A 700-Year Historical Adventure" project. The cantonal governments approve the individual phases of the project.


Stiftung der Schweizer Schuljugend zur Erhaltung des Schlachtfeldes von Morgarten – the foundation of Swiss schoolchildren for the preservation of the Morgarten battlefield, known as the Morgarten Foundation.

Project steering committee
The cantonal governments of Schwyz and Zug have set up a steering committee charged with defining strategic objectives and supervising project management.

The canton of Schwyz is represented by:
•     Cantonal Councillor André Rüegsegger, Head of the Department of Security, Chairman
•     Valentin Kessler, Head of the Office for Culture
•     Dr. Erwin Merz, Departmental Secretary, Directorate of Security
•     Edgar Gwerder, District Commander
The canton of Zug is represented by:
•     Landammann Beat Villiger, Head of the Directorate of Security, Deputy Chairman
•     Elisabeth Heer Dietrich, Secretary General, Directorate of Security
•     Urs Marti, Head of the Office of Civil Defence and Military AZM, Canton Zug, Deputy Project Manager
Other members of the project steering committee are:
•     Dr. Erwin Horat, Chairman of the Morgarten Foundation, Schwyz
•     Pirmin Moser, Communal Chancellor, commune of Sattel, IG Morgarten community group
•     Peter Staub, Communal Councillor, commune of Oberägeri

Project management and execution
Edgar Gwerder, District Commander of Schwyz, is in charge of project management. The individual subprojects are run by a variety of independent organising committees which work closely with the overall project manager.

Advisory Council

This supporting body is composed of prominent individuals from the fields of politics, business, science and the armed forces. Its role is to provide contacts and open doors for fundraising, and where support is needed on other individual matters.