A new path to history

The Morgarten Trail, which passes through various sites of the events of 1315, explaining the political situation at the time and the historical implications of the battle, will remain a valuable local asset beyond the anniversary year. The trail follows existing footpaths from the battle memorial on the banks of the Ägerital valley, via the Morgarten Chapel at Schornen, to the parish church at Sattel. A circular path will add further appeal to the area surrounding Schornen and the slopes of the Figlenfluh. It offers visitors an impressive but little-known view across the Ägerital valley and the surrounding countryside. Using modern multimedia technology, the Morgarten Trail will engage the senses to open up historical events and their background.

"Das Erlebnis kann man nicht rational vermitteln, es muss emotional erfahren werden. Man kann es nicht lehren, man muss es bisweilen inszenieren."
Kurt Han (1886-1974)
Begründer der Erlebnispädagogik