Group accommodation – Letzi (the Hölzernes Zelt ("wooden tent"))

Sympathetically renovated barn in the historic Morgarten area, right on the road between Sattel and Oberägeri, with its own bus stop:
•     Function room for 30 people
•     Sleeping floor offering two separate rooms, accommodating a total of 30 people (simple beds, guests must provide their own sleeping bags)
•     Simple kitchen with cutlery and crockery for 30
•     Secure bicycle room
•     Toilets and showers
•     Open-air fireplace and play area
•     Dedicated parking
•     Closed in winter  

Stiftung der Schweizer Schuljugend zur Erhaltung des Schlachtfeldes von Morgarten – the foundation of Swiss schoolchildren for the preservation of the Morgarten battlefield (the Morgarten Foundation)

CHF 15 per person/per day, including overnight (plus local tourist tax)
Excluding overnight accommodation, plus local tourist tax
•     Flat rate per day for groups of up to 15: CHF 100
•     Flat rate per day for groups of up to 30: CHF 250


Josef Appert and family, Morgartenhaus, Ägeristr. 81, 6417 Sattel, telephone 041 835 19 65, mobile 079 424 12 06,