Visitors' centre

Bringing history to life
The newly established visitors' centre is one of the core projects within the "Morgarten – A 700-Year Historical Adventure" programme. Situated close to the battlefield, it tells visitors of the events of 1315. The technology of today is used to bring history to life in a highly accessible form. All of the historical, social and political factors which came together at Morgarten 700 years ago are explained in vivid detail.

In collaboration with contemporary witness, cultural institutions and memorials such as the Morgarten Chapel, the Morgarten Memorial, the Morgarten Trail, the Museum of the Swiss Charters of Confederation, Einsiedeln Abbey, the Forum Schweizer Geschichte Swiss history museum, the Hohle Gasse folklore site, the Museum Burg Zug at Zug Castle, as well as more recent fortifications, the Visitors' Centre turns history into something real and exciting.