Reconstruction of the historic Schwyzerhaus of 1170

An impressive eye-witness, saved for today

The mediaeval Schwyzerhaus, which typifies local architecture at the time of the Battle of Morgarten, is believed to be the oldest preserved wooden construction in Europe. It is a unique part of Switzerland's heritage that attracts a great deal of interest in the national media and among the population. A mundane residential building from the 1170-1315 period, it gives us an insight into the mediaeval way of life, as well as the social and economic circumstances in Old Schwyz.

Architectural history studies and a dendrochronological examination (the study of growth rings in timber) in the summer of 1998 determined that the Schwyzerhaus was built around 1170. Its reconstruction as part of the Morgarten 2015 project was probably the last opportunity to save the disassembled parts of the house from decaying for ever. Now moved to a new location at Schornen am Morgarten, it gives visitors a very real and immediate feel of life in the Middle Ages.