Exhibition: Morgarten im Bild (Morgarten in pictures)

The educational project is being accompanied by a Morgarten exhibition. Schwyz District is providing financial support for this project.

The concept underlying the exhibition is to showcase the multiplicity of ways in which the topic of Morgarten has been portrayed over the centuries. Alongside historical depictions from the Middle Ages, the exhibition looks at the way Morgarten has been transformed into a commodity. It shows the various ways the Battle of Morgarten has been portrayed and how the Morgarten "brand" has been used in ensuing eras up to the present day in areas such as tourism marketing, toy manufacture, everyday object ornamentation, books and comics, and computer games.

The exhibition is targeted at a broad cross-section of the public, but it is also particularly suited to school classes and complements the offerings of the museums in Schwyz.

Preview: 11 May 2015, Ital Reding-Hofstatt

The exhibition runs until October 2015. It will be available beyond 2015 as a touring exhibition in schools.