The Morgartenhaus

The chapel and Morgartenhaus farmhouse at Schornen form an exceedingly harmonious arrangement despite the fact that they differ in age by at least 200 years.

Its gable inscribed 1819, the farmhouse is the embodiment of the classical style so typical of the region's rural timber constructions. Lateral canopies do not feature in this type of design; they are replaced by a wraparound overhanging roof resting on shaped corbels. The windows are arranged axisymmetrically. The building is also very steeply erect, due to the tall base wall and the height of the ceilings. In keeping with tradition, the front door is reached by means of double-flight external stairs. Unlike other timber constructions of the period, however, the entrance is not on the ground floor.

The timber probably suffered owing to the shadiness of the location and the humidity of the climate, which is why numerous large beams had to be replaced. The refurbishment was carried out using traditional carpentry skills. Inside, too, substantial sections of the load-bearing structure had to be replaced and strengthened. Maintenance of the building's fabric in this location being quite a challenge, the external timber stairs were replaced by ones in solid limestone by way of compromise. Some time after the building's erection, the living quarters were extended towards the gable by one window axis. This expansion is marked by some vertical timber formwork. The same thing was done to the wooden shed at the back. Within the solid ground floor walls pierced by three large axially arranged windows is a multi-purpose room reserved for visitors to the Morgarten battlefield.