Morgartenschiessen marksmanship competition

The first Morgartenschiessen marksmanship event was held on Sunday, 14 July 1895 in the Müsli area of Oberägeri. Around 1,000 marksmen responded to the invitation of the Oberägerer Feldschützen shooting association, and completed a challenging programme from a standing or kneeling position. The festival ended with a parade, fireworks and beacons on the hills.

In itself, the event was certainly a success. Financially, however, it failed to achieve its aim of generating funding for the Morgarten Memorial. In fact, it produced a deficit. In 1887, the shooting fraternity of Oberägeri made another attempt to found a Morgarten marksmanship association with the aim "by means of the Morgartenschiessen event ... vigorously to promote the erection of Morgarten Memorial, and in comradeship to preserve traditional shooting as it is practised by mountain communities". Clearly, this initiative was not destined for success either.

It was not until the third attempt that the Morgartenschiessen competition really got off the ground. On 15 November 1912, 204 marksmen gathered in the snow-covered Aegerital valley, above the monument, for a patriotic contest. The event had been initiated by a group of businessmen and marksmen from the city of Zug.

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